How many bright ideas we may encounter daily? Each day is an opportunity to live new experiences. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but for sure unique everytime. This may be at work, when DIY-ing, or just in everyday life.

On the other hand, how many of these experiences you remember details after a long time? well, unless you are of those who have an elephantine memory, it will be very few!

We can picture these experiences like a flock of butterflies. Beautiful and colorful butterflies! unfortunetely, as time passes, this flock dissipates silently, and so on with all the experiences we learn.

So what a mess! that’s exactly the idea behind this blog. It’s supposed to be an experience catcher, my daily experiences catcher! I plan to share with my readers and me, the best and most important of all kinds of experiences I can live. I hope you’ll find what interests you among my articles.

Let's make together, of this experience a great daily experience!